Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gender & Education- Hyperlinks

              While researching gender and education issue I came across a lot of the similar information. Research has shown that girls perform more highly then boys do.  Boys need to both visually and verbally while girls can perform just as well or better with one of the two.  This has only been the cast for about the past 50 years because prior to that boys were consider smarter than girls. Don’t get me wrong not all girls are smarter than boy’s; it all just depends on the student and person you are. Studies just so these statics. This link is an article that raises the question why boys under perform to girls and the gender gap.
                 "Sitting in the same classroom, reading the same textbook, listening to the same teacher, boys and girls receive very different educations." This was the opening sentence to another article I read. At first I didn’t thought how could this be true but as I continued to read it all made sense to me. It said that across the country that boys have never been in more trouble, 70% of D’s and F’s are given out to boys and 80% of high school dropouts are also boys.  But it was said in the “American Association of University Women published a report in 1992 indicating that females receive less attention from teachers and the attention that female students do receive is often more negative than attention received by boys.”  I found this statement interesting because I found this both true and untrue. I feel like boys may get more attention at times because they are acting in a negative way, but girls may get more praise for answering the question correctly but not get praised for their good behavior. However boys may get away with this because ‘boys will be boys’. Is this a true or not?
For me personally in my high school the boys got in more trouble than the girls did.  Don’t get me wrong the girls did too but we got away with more things than the boys could. Something like talking or acting up in class we would be told to stop but the boys would get kicked out of class.  But I do feel in different social setting the term ‘boys will be boys’ is very true. Certain things boys do like make a racy joke they can get away with but as girls we would be looked at as how dare she say that. But many things have changed in the education world and I’m sure that things will keep on changing.

*Do you think gender is still an issue in education?


  1. I liked your articles and thought it was intersting that the percent for boys getting D's and F's are so high.

  2. Hey....loved your did u do the word 'article', and when u press it shoots you too the link....teach me!!! LOL

  3. I really like you blog and all of the different statistics that you did give. Also I liked the quote you started off the second paragrpah with.