Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dennis Carlson- Gayness, Multicultural Education and Community ( Extended Comment)

After reading Dennis Carlson’s Gayness, Multicultural Education and Community it open my eyes to how the school systems treats Gayness in the educational system.  I agree with what Carlson’s has to say and how it shouldn’t be such an issue if teachers are gay or lesbian. Also after reading Alicia’s post I agreed with her and her thoughts about the piece. I like how she said that Carlson “is not totally blaming this problem on just the school, but he feels that they play a huge role in the turbulence that surrounds us as early as our youth, and continues on through our lives.”  I think that is very true that the school should not keep Gayness hidden. If people were open more and this wasn’t such a hidden issue children wouldn’t be so afraid to come out and be there true self’s. What I think teachers should teach in school is that everyone should be themselves. And by not being open with Gayness in the schools it goes against what they are trying to teach children.
                Another thing I like in Alicia’s post was what the school does to hide the issue of Gayness “Carlson argues that there are three main ways that our schools contribute to the 'invisible presence' of homosexuality. 1-the erasure of gayness in the curriculum, 2-the "closeting" and "witch hunting" of gay teachers, 3-verbal and physical intimidation of gay teachers and students.” This to me is surprising especially in today’s day and age. Why are people trying to hide this, what is the big deal? Some of the most amazing teachers are gay so why does their relationship status matter. If we keep hiding this issue it will not be a good outcome for ourselves or the children we teach.
                I think that teachers should incorporate teaching about different people who are gay in their classroom. Yes some children might go home and ask their parents but another child may have two daddies at home and wonder why no one else does. By bringing it up in the class room he or she might not be afraid anymore to talk about he/she’s two daddies and know that it’s OK.
I am a straight female and have gay family members and friends and I do not look at them any differently than before and love just the same. I think the world needs diversity and would be boring without it.  Also I believe in school we learn about all different things and I believe Gayness should also be one and not be a hidden issue any longer.

  Do you think we should teach more about Gayness in schools?

Link-Gayness bullying leading to someone losing their life


  1. I found the ways to "get rid" of gayness quite fascinating. I never thought of it that way before reading the article. I thnk that Gayness should be brought up in school, but not focused on. Heterosexuality is not focused on at school, so gayness shouldn't have extra attention. It could cause even more problems if it is overally focused on within the schooling system.

  2. Such a great discussion of Carlson's main ideas in relation to the issues that Alicia wrote. I can tell that you read carefully and really took in Carlson's major ideas. Nice job.