Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oakes & Finn-Extended Comments (Caiti's Blog)

After reading Caiti’s blog I agreed with the points she’s making. I like how she said “Why would we only have the students who are doing well getting special attention and better classes and resources.  Who came up with this idea? The "less abled" kids are expecting to do bad. If you are expected to do bad, then why not do bad.” I totally agree with this statement, why would you want to work hard if you expected to badly? If you put this in to children’s heads then they are not going to work hard. You should want to motivate children to do well and work hard. Also you should teach them different skills that will help then progress with their academics. Not expect them to do badly.
However I think tracking can be good thing in schools. If you breakup classes by levels it could be beneficial for the students. You cannot put a lower level student in a higher level class and expect he/she to do well. But if you have different levels with all the same resources then I think this is a great idea. Only if everything is equal in the classrooms. If this happens then children will be able to grow and develop into better students.
*Does everyone think tracking is a good idea for schools?*
This is an article about Tracking...A thing of the Past?


  1. I'm not to sure how I feel about tracking....There are so many different views....You did a good job on your blog....

  2. I am the same way I feel like I am against it, but am not sure on the other hand, that is why I liked how you stated your last paragrpah.

  3. Your right like i cant say im so against it when i took honors and AP classes.