Monday, October 25, 2010

Brown VS The Board of Education & Tim Wise Interview- Reflection

After reading the Brown VS The Board of Education website and listening to the Tim Wise interview I never realized the how much racism is still around today. Brown VS The Board of Education was a very big court case about segregation between white and black students. It was said that they were ‘separate but equal’. That case was over 50 years and we are still dealing with those issues. I like how Tim Wise mention how if George Bush was black he would have never became president. But because Barack Obama was a well educated black man is why he became president. Also he talked about colleges and a black man could get passed up because he didn’t go to the best school, but if a white man went to one of those schools he would still have a shot. I thought this was interesting because I never really thought of that but the more I think about it the more I realize it is true.
Another thing I like about the Tim Wise interview was when he mention how when asking whites about segregation and if it is still around in present day most people say no. But was Wise said is that they might say no because they are not black and don’t know how their everyday life is. I believe this is very true because you never what someone is going through until you walk a day in their shoes. I enjoyed this assignment this week because it gave me a different look on something that I haven’t realized before.
Do you think Tim Wise was right on the points he made?
Tim Wise: White Privilege

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  1. I like the way you connected it to modern day and I still beleive as well that it does take part today.