Sunday, October 10, 2010

Unlearning the Myths That Blind Us- Chirstensen (Hyperlinks)

After reading Unlearning the Myths That Blind Us by Linda Christensen I never really realized how much the cartoons and movies really affected young children. I really enjoyed all her thoughts and I thought she made a lot of valid points. I also like how she wanted her students to write down what they thought and felt about the issue. The questions she asks about what stereotypes each have and how each movie somehow they all connect and we never give it a second thought. As I was growing up much like everyone else I watched all these movies, Aladdin, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Drafts and etc. But I never thought of them in this stereotypical way. Of course I thought all the princesses were so pretty and I wanted to be like them but I never bought the negative stereotypes as I grew up. (Disney Hidden Messages) Maybe it was the way my parents brought me up that also played a part. However I don’t think that these movies are bad. I would rather have my children watch fairy tales like the ones I mentioned then watch movies that has people with guns and killing. Yes I know that is one extreme to the next but there are things that could be worse. But now looking at all the movies I see the negative affects it can have on young children. For example all the ‘pretty’ girls are skinny and have handsome boyfriends while the ugly or fat step sister stays home and is alone. This tells young girls that beauty is a big part of society and if you’re prettier it makes you better than someone else. Also in TV shows like Leave it to Beaver it shows the stay at home mom that looks perfect, cooks, cleans and has dinner ready for her husband as he walks in the door. Yes that is not a bad image but it makes young girls feel that that is what they have to do or look like. (Effects of Media on Girls)
Like I mentioned before yes these movies have bad stereotypes and make children think certain things I think there are worse things. I think that parents just need to instill in the children the right images and morals. If they do this I believe they won’t have to worry about their children picking up the wrong stereotypes for others or themselves.

What do you think are better movies for young children to watch?


  1. I love your post hehe, I totally agree with fairy tales being the better choice. I want my kids one day to dream big and have happy endings. Im going to use your blog in mine :)

  2. i totally agree! you make a very valid point faiytales are so much better than having kids watch violence.