Sunday, September 19, 2010


When reading Jonathan Kozol’s Amazing Grace I felt very sad the whole time. I never thought that that many kids were in poverty in Bronx, New York.  Only seven out of eight hundred kids didn’t not qualify for reduced lunches.  This number is so shocking to me. It is crazy to think that in our own country that this is going on.  When Jonathan met a father of four  when talking about the cold and sleeping in the winter he said “You just cover up…and hope you wake up the next morning”.  The thought of this makes me crazy how someone could be living like this and how much we take for granted every day.  This gentleman had a one month year old also and just bundled him up in a winter coat and gloves and put him in a sleeping bag with him. I could never imagine me doing this or that anyone had to do this, how is this even allowed? I remember in the summer when my air conditioner broke and how miserable I was but these people have cockroaches crawling on their walls. I think I would die if I ever had that happen to me, but for them they don’t know any better.
                Then Jonathan met this little boy named Cliffie. He was only seven years old and acted much older then he really was. Jonathan walked around town with him and he knew where everything was, where the bad and good places were to go. At seven years old my mother wouldn’t let me walk across the street alone never mind rooming around and where all these people have gotten shoot or where they meet to drug up. I know not everything is the same where I grew up in the little town of Tiverton but I didn’t think letting your child walk the streets of New York at seven was OK anywhere.
                All the stories in this article made me very sad and to know that this goes on so close to us. These little kids have to grow up so fast and their parents also have to go through hard times. Also after reading this it makes me want to move to New York or anywhere there is poverty like this and help these kids and their families. Not with only money but with my time. And yes it will not be an easy task but I willing to try. Also I think every little bit can help and I hope that one day I can help kids and their families like this.
What was everyone’s feeling of this article: sad, mad, happy?

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  1. This article was so depressing and shocking at the same time! I can't believe people actually live like that everyday. I was also mad, though, that the families in that area had to deal with terrible hospitals and incinerators/factories that ruin their already very low quality of life.

    It really makes you realize how you shouldn't take for granted even the smallest things in life.